Sunday 2 April 2017

Rugged Ridge Hood Latches

This Christmas I received what I think was the first and only Jeep part as a gift. This gift came from my Dad and was the Rugged Ridge hood latches.  I do not know what possessed him to get these for me other than me complaining (well mentioning) that the hood flutters frequently while passing large trucks.  I think the cause of this was the levelling of the jeep front end with the removal of the front air dam.

I normally do not look to Rugged Ridge as a brand I trust on my Jeep, however I must say these latches are very nice.  The design suits the Jeep well, and are much heavier duty than stock.  Also I was concerned since they do away with the rubber tension built into the factory latches that they would feel cheesy when opening and closing.  I must say though that they seem dialed in and have a very precise closing feel.

Here is a side by side comparison of the 2 latches.

Before and After of the latches, the finish is also a perfect compliment to the Aluminum gas door, and bed lined hinges.

I have yet to do any long road trips with these latches, however they have a lot of users who claim the flutter is eliminated.

Install isn't as easy as one might think, the lower bolts are quite hidden but once you find the right combination of tools you can take a bit of the pain out of the process.

My only concern with the latches are there is a small piece of plastic that I think accounts for the positive closing feel however I am concerned it could break off and leave the latches useless. Either, way only time will tell and I would highly recommend these for an aesthetic, 'polish' type modification.

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